Graduation Thesis in Undergraduate Course

Here shows the examples of the Special Research (Graduation research thesis in Undergraduate Course)

List of Laboratories

Graduate School of Engineering, Department of Architecture and Architectural Engineering

Regenerative Preservation of Built Environment

  • Seismic risk management of buildings and urban spaces
  • Performance based design of buildings
  • Regenerative preservation of existing buildings

Architectural Design and Theory, Architectural Design and Theory

  • A study on the relationship between the conception of architectural space and the act of designing
  • A study on the role and function of language in the process of design
  • Conception of space and its generating process
  • Curture and the concept of ruling space
  • Genealogy of Spatial Imagination
  • Dominant Concept of Space in Culture

Architectural Design and Theory, Architectural and Environmental Design

  • Phenomenology of architectural space and place
  • A ontological study on modern houses through analysis of the processes of form modifications
  • A ontological study on modern architects through analysis of their words

Architectural Environmental Planning, Architectural Environmental Planning

  • Design method and emergent idea
  • Layout planning and the space design method solved with knowledge system
  • Environmental planning, preference of residential place
  • Urbanization and residential environment abroad

Architectural Environmental Planning, Building Environment Control

  • Thermal environment and energy consumption in residential buildings
  • Preservation of cultural heritage
  • Durability of building materials and long-life buildings
  • Comfort and health in sleeping and bathing environments
  • Use of hygroscopic materials to provide for interior moisture buffering
  • Prevention of interior moisture damage

Structural Engineering of Buildings

  • Computer aided structural design of buildings
  • Collapse analysis of building structures
  • Seismic retrofit of historic structures
  • Improvement of earthquake resistance and durability of buildings using high-performance materials

Architecture and Human Environmental Engineering

  • Semiotic Study on the Design of Architectural and Urban Space
  • Design Methodology of Architectural and Urban Space
  • Study on Behavior and Cognition in Architecture and Urban Environment
  • System Theory on Design and Evaluation of Human Environment
  • Evaluation and design of lighting environments based on human visual recognition
  • Evaluation and design of colors in human environments and their scientific basis

History of Architecture

  • History of architecture and city in Japan
  • Preservation of historical architecture

Construction Technology of Building Structures

  • Development of economical retrofit schemes for existing rc buildings
  • Establishment of performance based seismic design criteria for rc buildings
  • Development of prestressed precast concrete building systems with very high durability

Architectural Construction Engineering,Architecture System and Management

  • Computational geometry
  • Optimization of architecture system
  • Research on architecture system and management to make good building construction and environment
  • International comparison of project management

Architectural Construction Engineering,Space Development and Structural Systems

  • Development of high strength bolted connection for steel building structures
  • Steel structural system assuring seismic performance by quality guarantee
  • High-performance seismic structure enhanced by Dampers
  • Optimization of Trusses and Shells
  • Shape Analysis and Design of Tensegrities
  • Design Approach by Utilizing Buckling Behavior

Built Environment Materials and Structural Systems

Housing and Environmental Design

Sustainable Built Environmental Engineering

Archtectural Environment Systems,Environmental Acoustics

Archtectural Environment Systems,Building Geoenvironment Engineering

Disaster Prevention Research Institute

Disaster Mitigation Engineering, Earthquake Resistant Engineering

  • Development of testing techniques for the simulation of failure behavior of bulding structures when subjected to large earthquakes
  • Test and numerical analysis to trace the structural behavior up to complete collapse
  • Eathquake responses and seismic design of building structures subjected to near-fault strong motions
  • Response and design of base-isolated building structures subjected to combined horizontal and vertical ground motions

Disaster Mitigation Engineering, Structural Safety Control

Disaster Mitigation Engineering, Environmental Wind Engineering

  • Wind flow and wind induced pressure on buildings
  • Study on wind characteristics over urban area and wind flow around buildings
  • Development of the prediction method of fire in city when wind blows

Space Safety Engineering, Earthquake and Tsunami Resistant Design for Structures

Space Safety Engineering, Urban Disaster Reduction Planning

Hall of Global Environmental Research

Global Environmental Architecture

Innovative Collaboration Center

Architectural Creative Engineering, Innovative Collaboration Center

  • Risk Management
  • Property Management
  • Construction Management
  • Technology Management