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Laboratories and Academic Staff

Here is the list of laboratories which offer guidance to the production of the Special Research (Graduation Thesis in Undergraduate Course) of the School of Architecture. Click to see the details of each of these laboratories.

List of Laboratories

Graduate School of Engineering, Department of Architecture and Architectural Engineering


Academic Staff

Regenerative Preservation of Built Environment

Yasuhiro HAYASHI [Professor]

Mina SUGINO [Associate Professor]

Architecture and Human Environmental Engineering

Taiichiro ISHIDA [Professor]

History of Architecture
        History of Architecture

Yoshiyuki TOMISHIMA [Professor]

Kaoru IWAMOTO [Associate Professor]

History of Architecture
        Architectural History, Theory, and Criticism

Thomas DANIELL [Professor]

Construction Technology of Building Structures

Minehiro NISHIYAMA [Professor]

Masanori TANI [Associate Professor]

Architectural Environmental Planning
        Architectural Environmental Planning

Ken MIURA [Professor]

Kei YASUDA [Assistant Professor]

Architectural Environmental Planning
        Building Environment Control

Daisuke OGURA [Professor]

Chiemi IBA [Associate Professor]

Nobumitsu TAKATORI [Assistant Professor]

Architectural Design and Theory
        Architectural Design and Theory

Akihisa HIRATA [Professor]

Ryoko IWASE [Assistant Professor]

Architectural Design and Theory
        Architectural and Environmental Design

Takahiro TAJI [Professor]

Yosuke KOMIYAMA [Junior Associate Professor]

Sayuri HAYAKAWA [Assistant Professor]

Structural Engineering of Buildings

Makoto OHSAKI [Professor]

Jingyao ZHANG [Associate Professor]

Kazuki HAYASHI [Assistant Professor]

Architectural Construction Engineering
        Architecture System and Management

Takashi KANETA [Professor]

Sayaka NISHINO [Associate Professor]

Architectural Construction Engineering
        Space Development and Structural Systems

Yuji KOETAKA [Professor]

Kouhei TAKATSUKA [Assistant Professor]

Built Environment Materials and Structural Systems

Yoshio KANEKO [Professor]

Yuichi SATO [Assistant Professor]

Housing and Environmental Design

Kiyoko KANKI [Professor]

Kiwamu YANAGISAWA [Associate Professor]

Yohei KIYOYAMA [Assistant Professor]

Sustainable Built Environment Engineering

Kazunori HARADA [Professor]

Daisaku NII [Assistant Professor]

Architectural Environment Systems
        Environmental Acoustics

Yasushi TAKANO [Professor]

Makoto OTANI [Associate Professor]

Architectural Environment Systems
        Building Geoenvironment Engineering

Izuru TAKEWAKI [Professor]

Kohei FUJITA [Associate Professor]

Disaster Prevention Research Institute


Academic Staff

Disaster Mitigation Engineering
        Earthquake Resistant Engineering

Yoshiki IKEDA [Professor]

Masahiro KURATA [Associate Professor]

Disaster Mitigation Engineering
        Structural Safety Control

Yuki Sakai [Professor]
Tomoaki NISHINO [Associate Professor]

Disaster Mitigation Engineering
        Architectural Wind Engineering

Takashi MARUYAMA [Professor]

Kazuyoshi NISHIJIMA [Associate Professor]

Space Safety Engineering
        Earthquake Engineering for Seismic Safe Design of

Shinichi MATSUSHIMA [Professor]

Fumiaki NAGASHIMA [Associate Professor]

Space Safety Engineering
        Urban Disaster Reduction Planning

Norio MAKI [Professor]

Hall of Global Environmental Research


Academic Staff

Global Environmental Architecture

Hirohide KOBAYASHI [Professor]

Chiho OCHIAI [Associate Professor]

Mizuki SUGINAKA [Assistant Professor]