Career Prospects

Employment opportunities for graduates and post-graduates (including master graduates) are getting increasingly diverse recently. There are most graduates employed in the construction business, as personnel in architectural design firms and as civil officers in national or local government offices. Also, increasingly there are graduates employed by firms of building system planners, developers, real estate planners, and etc. Moreover, there are graduates actively participating as systems engineers in almost all walks of life including electricity companies, gas plants, steel plants, railway companies, banking and trading corporations, and IT companies. Some other graduates set up their own design offices or development consultant offices, and etc. We are foreseeing an expanding scope of participation and influence of the graduates from the School of Architecture, who have mastered the planning, construction and organization capabilities.

As another alternative, there are more than half of our graduates proceed their studies further to Master Programs (offered by the Department of Architectural and Architectural Engineering, the Department of Urban and Environment Engineering, the Hall of Global Environmental Research, the Disaster Prevention Research Institute which is formed by the affiliations of Graduate Schools, and etc., for mastering advanced professional academic knowledge and researching skills.


High technology

In the School of Architecture, we are making advanced researches on the design of tough building materials, column-beam joint structure, seismic isolation and damping technology. These research outcomes are contributing to the possible construction of advanced super high-rises of the modern era (e.g. housing tower shown in the photo).