Diploma Design Projects

About Diploma Design

In the School of Architecture, Year 4 undergraduates can choose to submit the diploma design project or research thesis under the curriculum of the Special Research Course. Students, who have chosen to submit the diploma design project, will principally be taking the Design Studio Section (Atelier Practice of Architectural Design V) in the first semester and will proceed on the diploma design project from the beginning of the second semester.

The making of the diploma design project is a process to spontaneously define a shrewd problem and accordingly to generate innovative solutions tentatively, for the best of human and the society, with the concern of urban and environmental issues, for the past and for the coming future. It is to be achieved by orchestrating the well-trained design capability mastered during the design studio section, by integrating the diverged architectural knowledge in various domains regarding architectural planning, structural engineering and environmental control, and further by the elaboration of a design process from the beginning identification of a specific problem to the generation of appropriate solutions in their own right. Particularly, the process of the making of the diploma design project is to help our young candidates to gain invaluable design experience, not by finding out answer for a given design problem, but through the completion of the project to explore new problems and to create originative solutions.

During the 4-months' time given for the production of the diploma design project, students are required to make progressing outputs and to participate in the Preliminary Jury in November, the Judgment Meeting (to decide pass or fail) in the beginning of February and the Diploma Design Jury held in the mid of February. (In the academic year 2006, the Preliminary Jury was held on Nov 17, the Judgment Meeting on Feb 2 in which 26 projects were submitted. Finally, the Diploma Design Jury was held on Feb 16, in which four excellent graduation design projects were selected.

About the Diploma Design Portfolio

In the academic year 2006, the premiere issue of the Kyoto University Diploma Design Portfolio was launched. In the first issue, the list and contents of the diploma design projects, the design education program, the overview of the projects, the details of project exhibition, the appraisal of designs are published. One thousand copies were printed and distributed to various parties including the internal teaching staffs, current students, major universities across the country, design offices, construction firms, libraries, government departments, and oversea universities with which the University is undergoing international academic exchanges.



Diploma Design Jury and Exhibition

TheJury in 2006 and the thesis exhibition were held with the following details.

Diploma Design Jury
Date: 13:00-17:00 Friday, February 16, 2007
Venue: Department of Architecture, C-Cluster, Katsura Campus, Kyoto Univeristy

Diploma Design Exhibition
Date: 10:00-17:00 February 17 to 22, 2007
Venue: Department of Architecture, C-Cluster, Katsura Campus, Kyoto Univeristy
Organizer: Design Education Committee, the School of Architecture, Faculty of Engineering, Kyoto University

In the School of Architecture, the diploma design jury was held to select a number of outstanding projects out of the diploma design projects submitted by the Year 4 students. On Feb 16, 2007, the jurors team, which is composed of design teaching stuffs and part-time lecturers responsible for the design studio courses, selected one distinction project and three outstanding projects, after all the students had presented their paneled design projects. The distinction design project was awarded the “Goichi Takeda Award”, which commemorates Professor Goichi Takeda, who was the founder of this School and the designer of the symbolic Clock Tower and the main building of the department.

For the following six days after the jury day, design exhibition was held by the Design Education Committee. There were visitors coming from various parties including the university staffs and students, those from the other universities, personnel from design and construction firms, and other participants.





List of Diploma Design Projects in 2006

Name Title
NATSUME Naoko kamino mukougawa
ISHIGURO Kosuke porous city
NAGATA Minami Between A to B
MARUKAWA Keiko Soto ni chikai heya
ARAI Takatoshi Media BALL
EMOTO Keita Genchiku-Shinka-Kakucho
KONO Nao whirl pool
KOBAYASHI Ayako the place filled with MUSIC♪
SHIBASAKI Kohei Shinsui Suru Machi
SUGIKI Yoichi theater as scenery
SONE Yoshimasa IN-TEC Higashi-Osaka
TATSUKAWA Daishi Rhombus Rack
TERADA Kazuhiko 1000 Voids
DOI Shushi O-kina Ie / Chi-sana Heya
NAKAMURA Hiroko Sodatsu
NIFUKU Rei A Museum of the world
FUJIKAWA Yukako Seventh Heaven
FUJITA Momoko kyabetsu
FUTAE Takuma Expressive Apartment
HOSOIRI Mamie for ** and ** and …
HORI Kenta play the Diet
ATSUBARA Shuhei tabibito no ie
MIZUNO Yumi Psychiatric Hospitalization for Depression
MATSUYAMA Takeshi IWAKURA Village for Agricultural Training

Outstanding projects

NATSUME Naoko "kamino mukougawa"


ISHIGURO Kosuke "porous city"


NAGATA Minami "Between A to B"


MARUKAWA Keiko "Soto ni chikai heya"


FUJITA Momoko "kyabetsu"


NIFUKU Rei "A Museum of the world"